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Decreasing uric acid, it is not enough to avoid it, but also "promote excretion", 3 things to accelerate uric acid excretion

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As we all know, when the concentration of uric acid in the blood is too high, it will precipitate as urate crystals. The joints will be squeezed and worn by these urate crystals, which will easily cause damage and inflammation, redness, pain, deformation, and gout. . In addition, the deposition of urate crystals can cause kidney and blood vessel damage.

Now, the frequent occurrence of high uric acid is mostly related to "eating". Modern people have a rich life and are getting better and better. Because of this, excessive purine intake can easily lead to elevated uric acid in the body. Therefore, when it comes to lowering uric acid, many people know that it is necessary to avoid taboos. This is right.

For some purine-rich foods, such as various fatty meats, seafood and shellfish, animal offal, thick soup, etc., you need to avoid eating and eat as little as possible. Also pay attention to taboos for drinks that can hinder uric acid excretion, such as various alcohols. However, it must be understood that uric acid reduction is not enough to rely on taboos.

In addition to reducing uric acid, it is also necessary to "promote excretion"

Taboo can avoid excessive uric acid production, but if it can promote uric acid excretion, it will be faster for lowering uric acid. To promote uric acid excretion every day, you need to do 3 things:

1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking more water will allow some of the garbage and waste in your body to drain, it will also increase your urine output and make uric acid excrete faster. In addition to choosing to drink more plain water, you should also drink more food solution with the effect of lowering uric acid.

Pueraria esculenta fermented solution is the uric acid-lowering formula commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is fermented from medicinal and food ingredients such as puerariae, mangosteen, chicory, corn whisker, mulberry leaves, and lily. The effect of adherence to drinking can accelerate the excretion of uric acid, regulate the level of acid and alkali in the body, and make uric acid fall to normal as soon as possible.

2. Proper massage

Massage and massage can not only lower the blood uric acid by improving the patient's metabolism. It can also directly affect the skin and muscles, improve the nutritional metabolism of muscles, and increase the absorption and utilization of excess uric acid by muscle tissues and excretion. Tuina massage is recommended to be performed by a professional.

3. Exercise

Consistent exercise can promote blood circulation and accelerate the body's metabolism, which will help the excretion of uric acid and lower the elevated uric acid. Exercise should be based on a moderate amount of aerobic exercise. If the exercise is too intense, it may also cause uric acid to increase, so pay more attention in this regard.

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