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The best way to make chicken feet is to make a large plate for 15 yuan, and teach you to make spicy and delicious cold chicken feet

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The Chinese seem to be able to make the most of every ingredient, even if the foreigners seem to be tasteless and left out of the mouth, like chicken feet. The shape of chicken feet does not seem to be able to reach the hall of elegance, but in fact, Chinese people started to eat chicken feet more than 2000 years ago. "Lv's Spring and Autumn. Using the Public" has a saying: "Good scholars, if King Qi eats chickens, he will eat thousands of them and then stand on his feet." This sentence originally meant to persuade people to be good at learning, but from another aspect, But it also proves that the Chinese had at least 2400 years ago in the Warring States Period, the Chinese had started eating chicken feet and entered the royal family.

For thousands of years, chicken feet have been used to the extreme on the Chinese table, and it was given a more poetic name "phoenix". From Zhanjiang crystal chicken claws in Cantonese cuisine, to pickled pepper chicken claws in Sichuan cuisine, to claw beef claw chicken claws in Shandong cuisine, chicken claws span multiple cuisines, which shows people's love for it and its deliciousness.

For me, chicken feet are also my favorite. Whenever there are fresh chicken feet in the supermarket, I must buy some home to untie it. My favorite is cold chicken feet: it's simple, the seasonings are very homely, and more importantly it's spicy and appetizing, even if you eat a large plate at a time, you won't feel tired.

My child is eight years old, and since he was a kid he has refused spicy dishes, but he has a crush on spicy cold chicken feet. If other dishes are too spicy for ginger in shabu-shabu, he likes pickled chicken feet or spicy chicken feet with millet. This may really be "the tiger father has no dogs", haha.

Spicy appetizer, not too greasy cold chicken feet

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