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Meizu note 6

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Meizu note 6 was released in 2017 and is a classic of the Charm Blue series. The fuselage uses a three-stage design. This time, Charm Blue did not use the MediaTek processor. Previously, Charm Blue Note 3 had a good reputation in that year. Charm Blue Note 6 was the first time. Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 was adopted. Snapdragon 625 was a generation of God U, 14 nanometer process, equipped with 8 A53 cores, clocked at 2GHz. At that time, the glory of the king can run with high special effects. Later, the king passed several times. Updates, CPUs, and image quality requirements have greatly increased. The Snapdragon 625 can only run with special effects. Under the current Peace Elite operation, the general image quality is adjusted to low and medium. If you play more, it will be a bit stuttered. I think Charm Blue note 6 is in Under the Flyme7 system, the smoothest, the system experience is very good, Charm Blue note6 supports 9V2A charging 18W charging, can charge 60 degrees in half an hour, Charm Blue note6 uses 4000 mAh battery, all in all Charm Blue note6 is very good

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