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Defense Shield Hardcore Armor-The Fighter in a Phone Case

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Last month I gave my daughter-in-law the iPhone 11 Pro dark green, and bought a Nelkin TPU transparent case with a better feel (bao) in accordance with the principle of keeping her grip better. As a result, the mobile phone accidentally fell to the ground twice in less than a month. Fortunately, good luck, the fall angle is very good, did not damage the screen, the back cover is covered with a mobile phone case, and did not cause actual loss.

These two inadvertent shocks made my little heart really unable to bear the high-risk operation. So I discussed with my daughter-in-law to change her phone case which is more reliable. Although it will affect the feel to a certain degree, it can cost nearly 10,000 mobile phones to fall, which is too high. After several soft grinding and hard foaming, I finally made a speech: You can change the shell. It should look better. It can't be like your UAG. You can't see any mobile phone.

This means that the entry-level UAG Explorer series can't satisfy her, so I turned to the UAG crystal through model. The Crystal Clear series looks really good, and the back transparency is not high enough. I took it in front of my daughter-in-law and didn't need to talk. I knew the answer by looking at the expression, so I continued to search slowly.

Someday I was bored typing in JD.com: All-inclusive mobile phone case. The first link that came out made my eyes shine: Defense Shield series. All-inclusive, protection in place, transparent back shell, isn't this the phone case I have been seeking for so long? Really looking for him thousands of Baidu, the goods are in my eyes!

Introduction to Defense

I didn't know that there was such an excellent mobile phone case manufacturer in China.

Defense was founded in 2003. After the initial product precipitation, designers from different countries and experts in anti-fall technology have set up a product research and development center in Los Angeles, USA, incorporating diverse and outstanding cutting-edge designs into more powerful anti-fall performance Defense concept. After the team's continuous innovative technical investment, the classic Defense Shield series came out. With the help of China's intelligent manufacturing air outlet to accelerate its development, Defense has established a global development layout with Shenzhen headquarters as the core and covering North America, Europe, and Asia. In 2018, the global sales of Defense Shield series products exceeded 400W, and the Defense edge series sold at No. 2 in the United States.

Out of the box

JD.com placed the order the next day and couldn't wait to come home at night to take an unpacking. The daughter-in-law picked the big red, and had to say that it was very insightful!

Defense's logo, marked in the upper right corner with three meters anti-fall. The big red metal frame gives me inexplicable comfort.

On the back are some product details, as well as the official IDs of the major foreign social media.

Flip up the lid. The top cover is the main feature of the Shield series. Under the transparent plastic case is the Defense Shield series mobile phone case.

The transparent back shell and the big red metal frame make it feel comfortable and cold in the winter evening.

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