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Just two years after it was released, the battery ran out. Is Apple shooting itself in the foot?

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Apple mobile phones have always been loved by a large number of consumers in the market, mainly because each generation of Apple mobile phones is excellent enough in all aspects. However, we can also see that such a perfect mobile phone product actually has its biggest flaw, which is the battery life problem. Many consumers are more entangled when starting an Apple phone, mainly because they consider that the battery capacity of the Apple phone is generally not particularly large, so the battery life will often become a biggest pain when going out.

Some consumers may think that the small battery capacity is not a problem. It is enough to carry a charging bank when you go out, but the battery life of Apple mobile phones does not only exist in the aspect of small battery capacity. The fast battery aging is also intolerable ignore. As a flagship phone, iPhone X is currently only released for two years. It can be seen at this time that many users report that the battery aging of this Apple phone has reached a critical point, which is basically unable to meet them. Normal use.

In fact, we can also see from Apple's official forum or Weibo. Many users below the comments reflect that the current iPhone X battery has reached the critical limit of 80%, which means that it is still in use Users of this Apple phone need to be ready at any time to change the battery for their device. After reaching this critical value, although the mobile phone can still continue to work, due to Apple's excellent system performance management system, the mobile phone's power consumption is strictly controlled.

In general, the performance of the entire device will be severely affected at this time, and Apple will also prompt users to replace the battery. The iPhone X's battery capacity is 2716 mAh, and Apple's official website also claims that its use time can reach up to 12 hours, which is two hours more than the previous generation of Apple phones. The main thing is that according to an analytical report, the iPhone X has a larger battery capacity than the iPhone 8 Plus, but its battery life is obviously not as good as the latter.

In fact, the reason is also obvious. The first is that the iPhone X uses a more advanced camera module. In addition, its screen has also been upgraded, and each pixel will emit light by itself. Apple officials claimed at that time that the battery would gradually deteriorate after more than 500 charging cycles, and the iPhone X has been released for two years. If it is charged once a day, then most users obviously have exceeded such a cycle limit.

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