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She is a slightly fat beauty, Guo Fucheng once loved her, and married at 35 to gain happiness

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She is a slightly fat beauty, Guo Fucheng once loved her, marrying a rich man at the age of 35 to gain happiness!

Guo Tianwang used a sentence to sum up his seven-year relationship with Xiong Dailin. A pair of shoes that are not suitable will often rub his feet. Be sure to wear a suitable pair to avoid injury. Hard wear will wear out bleeding, and the feeling is the same. It turned out that the woman who had been with her for seven years was nothing but a pair of shoes in Uranus' heart, but it was said that the two finally broke up in part because Guo Tianwang liked Gou Yunhui.

Gou Yunhui was born in Taiwan and joined Hong Kong TVB as the champion of Miss Chinese of the year. Because Gou's face is so good, she joined the show with a very good reputation. Although not the main character, the partners are all wireless top brands. Of course, this is undoubtedly very helpful to her own interpretation career.

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