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2020 Ward's top ten engines are released. Is this North American list a pseudo authority for us?

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Every year, the top ten engine awards of Ward Magazine announced at the end of the year are announced again. This is a list created by the American authoritative magazine Ward's Auto World magazine. Each year, it will be fully evaluated based on the models sold in the United States. The 10 best engines of the year are selected for reference by consumers. Candidates and awards can be repeated with previous sessions.

As a result of evaluation by a few authoritative organizations in the world, this Top 10 report based on the US domestic market of Ward is often referred to by domestic consumers and also used as a publicity point by domestic car sales manufacturers. Some people say that it is useless and some People say that it has reference value. Take this year as an example. Does it have reference value to domestic consumers?

2020 award-winning models: a high repeat rate from last year

To be honest, when the car buyer first saw this 2020 Ward Top 10 list, he once suspected that he was mistaken, because it was too similar to the list of winners in 2019! It's similar to several models that I and my colleagues can memorize. We all know that every award of Ward's Top Ten Engines can be consecutively won, and the car buyer carefully clicked, and 5 of them were the last year's winning models.

Red box selected as last year's winning model

It is said that the old American has no brain preference for large displacement. From this year's list, half of the top ten list has a displacement of 3.0L and above, but from the perspective of composition, the list includes 5 gasoline engines and 2 48V light. The hybrid system gasoline engine, 1 diesel engine, 1 gasoline strong hybrid system, and 1 pure electric drive system, the pure traditional power has become less and less on the Ward list.

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