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Real Madrid scored one goal less per game after Ronaldo left, just to prove that Ronaldo's own 1-0 attribute?

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Although Real Madrid has performed well recently, the team has not been rewarded in terms of performance. Real Madrid suffered three consecutive draws in La Liga. They have tied with Valencia, Barcelona and Bilbao. The points they can get are only 9 points. He scored 3 points, and the team was tied because they scored only 1 goal in 270 minutes of playing time, and it was created after Kurtowa rushed to the opponent's penalty area.

Real Madrid have shot 18 times in the last 3 games but have only scored 1 goal. Zidane said that Real Madrid's performance is good, not scoring is not a matter of efficiency, but the ball is unwilling to enter the net at this stage. For Athletic Bilbao, Real Madrid had three shots to hit the frame.

And "Marca" statistics show that Real Madrid's goals have fallen to the lowest in 10 years, after Cristiano Ronaldo's departure, Real Madrid's goals have declined year after year. When Cristiano Ronaldo was in Real Madrid, the team's goals were not lower than the average of 2.48 goals per game, and in 2014 it reached 2.83 goals per game. But in 2018, Real Madrid's number of goals dropped to 2.37 goals per game, and this year, Real Madrid only scored 100 goals in 54 games, averaging only 1.85 goals per game. Compared with the highest score, Real Madrid's number of goals has dropped by 1 goal per game, and when Ronaldo was at Real Madrid that year, he was considered to have a 1-0 attribute.

Obviously, the team was obviously affected by the departure of Ronaldo. However, Kurtova said on this issue: "Cristiano Ronaldo is a guy who can score 40 to 50 goals a year. You will definitely miss him, but he has been away for a year and a half, so there is no need to consider this."

The Belgian goalkeeper said: "The team lacks the ability to score? The scoring ability is the same as before. But sometimes the ball is unwilling to enter the net. In Valencia, Camp Nou and today in Bernabeu, we have enough opportunities to kill the game. Must To continue training, we have scored 3 goals, 4 goals and 5 goals ... Sometimes the season the ball just doesn't enter the net. I don't think it is a lack of goals. Sometimes we ca n’t kick out , But you must insist on training. "

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