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Fog visibility is low, the minivan chased a semi-trailer and hit the front of it.

Information source: MCwXqsmNx

Correspondent of China Ningbo Network, Chen Zhaoxia, correspondent Li Yexin and Wang Linqiang

It was foggy this morning. The command center of Ningbo Fire Detachment received an alarm saying that two people were trapped in a traffic accident at the location of Haishu District Expressway Hengjie toward Ningbo Beigaoqiao hub. After receiving the news, two fire trucks of the Gulin Squadron were immediately dispatched to the scene.

After arriving at the scene, the Gulin Squadron found that a minivan was chasing a semi-trailer. The truck's front had crashed into about a half of the semi-trailer. The front was extensively damaged and severely deformed. Broken glass and auto parts were scattered on the ground. The driver is trapped in the deformed cab and cannot move.

Due to the difficulty of disposal, the commander immediately reported to the command center and called for the two fire trucks of Special Squadron 3 to come to the scene to reinforce. Firefighters immediately rescued. One group was responsible for on-site alerting to prevent secondary accidents. The other group used hydraulic demolition equipment to dismantle deformed doors and rescue the trapped personnel of the first officer.

After about 20 minutes of emergency rescue, a trapped person in the co-pilot was rescued first, and was handed over to 120 medical staff on the scene for treatment.

After the third special squadron arrived, they rescued the second trapped person. The commander first used hydraulic shears to break the door of the car, and then used hydraulic jacks to open the cabin space. It was observed that the ankle of the trapped person was caught by two sharp steel pieces. The team members used a sander to The sharp steel sheet was cut, and the trapped people were rescued together and handed over to the medical staff for treatment.

Fire Reminder: Great temperature difference between day and night, easy to produce heavy fog, low visibility in foggy weather, please drive and friends to pay attention to traffic safety, driving fog lights must be turned on, slow down, civilized, it is recommended to reduce travel, if you need to travel in advance, reserve Enough time, don't grab the line!

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