www.hg98023.com Leaders of the Xichuan County Anti-Drug Commission conducted in-depth lectures on anti-drug knowledge in Qichuan No. 4 Middle School, and a special lecture on anti-drug knowledge. Qin Canshisa, Journey of the Immortal God, Shitou Shiori, 51 Shanghai Brand, Coach of Wangbang. High-speed bends, 173 Anime Network, catch happiness and not let go. I suffered from a cold in that corner. People from northern Myanmar flooded into Yunnan, Wei Zhuqin, Hengshui hotline chat room, Takayama Yingzi, Zhang Ziyan's forbidden film exposure during life, monster knife Download, download the latest news from the railway, search the bubble stand-alone game, rush out of Amazon's view, tjstart, downgrade software, French prostitute zahia dehar, special service mech team 6, the legend of the sand city, the national Qi, fortunately cold Lover of the contract, dreaming for the king, Liu Suiji problem, Luotong worship, strange aquarium download, spike voting platform, Venus in the sun, Liaoyang Hyunwang film and television, Purcell Spencer, my stunner Miss, football scores 7mty.com, Chi Huadong, Song Zuer, Paulinho, Zhang Qirui, Master Yu Feng Tupole, the necromancer of online games, dead wood books, Bobby Deer, Mo Ge group, Chinese history, Warcraft Alien Aspect, namei, Age of Blood Mist, Guess the Word on October 10, Slang Book Year, Lijun Bribery election, Ye Yan Si Yehan, daughter of Shen Peiyi, North-South big Cantonese, coaroo, Ge Ruisha, Yang Hong Ma Jiliang, the CEO's stand-in ex-wife 302, civilization trial ground, lol new map mourning abyss, big sailing era web version, The official website of Sun and Moon Legend, Taixuan Nine Beads, Chasing You to the Fairyland, Academic Affairs Office of Hubei University of Economics, Zhizhi Robot, Sun Ruoyi, Baiya Inheritance, 10669999, Xu Caihou Wikipedia, The Complete Works of Another World Doctor txt Download, Wang Yu Bodyguard Feng Feng , A dream to Peking University, Brocade's lost shield, thousands of years of snow and snow, who is Gao Jinsong's secretary, funny mobile phone message, Zhan Shaomin, Chen Yanhao, Dong Pingling, pet angel official website, upside down black and white games, adventure islander The Evening Division Code, Uchiha Mikoto, Hao Mingli's Cause of Death, Rebirth God-level Prodigy Chen Ji Tang Hongdou Novels, Super Mirage Battle Records, The Fourth Grandpa's First Wife Is Not Good, Li Jinai Li Jihong, Ma Liu Party, The Great Tang Struggle Lian Jade Forum, 7tv.cc, Sabeining's first show after marriage, Inverse Star, tt277, Academic Affairs Office of Zhanjiang Normal University, Han Jiangxue's novel, the young wife of the president,

Leaders of Xichuan County Anti-drug Commission conducted a special lecture on anti-drug knowledge

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In order to further advance the county's drug prevention education for the youth, earnestly increase the awareness of drug discovery, prevention and drug resistance among the youth, and make every effort to create a good atmosphere of "cherishing life and staying away from drugs", in the afternoon of December 19, Deputy Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Xichuan County, Comrade Dai Xiaolong, deputy director of the County Anti-Drug Commission, went to Qichuan No. 4 Middle School to conduct a special lecture on drug prevention education. A total of more than 1,400 teachers and students at the school attended the lecture.

Comrade Dai Xiaolong talked about the purpose and significance of young people's anti-drug and anti-drug, and focused on four aspects: what are drugs, what are the dangers of drugs, the causes of drug abuse by young people, and how can young people effectively prevent drug abuse. The lively explanations provided students with a comprehensive understanding of the dangers of drugs, mastered the methods and methods to prevent drug abuse, and strengthened their confidence and determination to resist drugs and prevent drugs.

Comrade Dai Xiaolong warned students to study drug prevention knowledge, recognize the dangers of drugs, consciously stay away from drugs, and effectively build a psychological defense line against drug and anti-drug; they must sharpen their character, be careful to make friends, not easily get involved in public entertainment places, and enhance their awareness of self-protection , To develop good behavior habits; to be a good anti-drug propagandist and supervisor, to widely publicize the serious harm of drugs, and make their due contributions to jointly build a healthy, civilized and harmonious social environment.

At the same time, Comrade Dai Xiaolong requires every teacher to always remember the original intention and mission of teaching and educating people, and to care and help young people grow up healthy with kindness and generosity, and help them to establish the correct outlook on life, values and world. Achieve self-esteem, self-love, self-discipline, and self-improvement. Education guides them to consciously resist the temptation and infringement of various bad behaviors and illegal and criminal acts, and take every step on the road to growth.

The students have stated that they will consciously establish the master consciousness of "anti-drug and drug-resistant, starting from me", and resolutely stay away from drugs, reject drugs, and be a person who is good for the family, society, and the country.

After the lecture, the staff of the county anti-drug office organized a large number of teachers and students to pay attention to the WeChat public accounts such as "China Anti-Drug", "Pingliang Anti-Drug" and "Xichuan Anti-Drug", watched the anti-drug exhibition board, and distributed more than 1,200 copies of anti-drug publicity materials. They actively participated in the anti-drug work, resolutely struggled against drug crimes, and worked hard to make their due contributions to winning the new era of drug wars.

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