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Why are today's boys more and more feminine? Parents need to rectify from these six aspects

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I believe many people have also discovered a problem that is now common: Boys are becoming more and more feminine, which means we are getting more and more "mother". What is the reason for this phenomenon? Perhaps many parents find that they often complain that their son likes sticky people, and sometimes they like to cry. But parents of children, especially fathers, do n’t like boys to have this behavior, because in their hearts, they think that only daughters can do these things, and boys should be very strong.

When children are particularly fond of sticking people, especially boys, please do not reject the children directly, because these behaviors are normal for children. When these behaviors occur in boys at home, parents need to do more in these six areas.

First, the boy becomes particularly sticky, and the parents must give him a sense of security

It is also normal for boys to stick people. Whether for boys or girls, they are just children and it is easy to lose their sense of security. At this moment they need someone to accompany themselves. This person must be their closest person, their own father or mother.

Rather than rejecting or complaining about their children's sticking behavior, parents should take the time to help their children develop a sense of security and appropriately encourage their children to go out, especially to improve their sense of security. This can help children reduce their fear of separation when they go to kindergarten.

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