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Apple MacBook Pro (2016) Ratings and Reviews

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Introduction, design and features

This is an underestimated, premium large-screen laptop market, that is, not a 2-in-1 computer, or a game that can draw some attention. And some innovations.

Windows device makers have been busy doing other impressive, smaller, ultra-portable notebooks, such as the Dell XPS 13, or 2 in 1 seconds, such as the Lenovo Yoga 910 or Microsoft's excellent (but really expensive) Core i7 surface book. Most large-screen laptops we have seen these days are gaming powerhouses like MSI GT73VR Titan Pro $ 3,399.00 on Amazon, or still not flashy workstation machines like Lenovo ThinkPad P50% displayPrice% at% seller%.

This makes Apple's new 15-inch MacBook Pro less than (usually the model we're looking for) the direct-competitive MacBook Pro 13-inch Apple Store for $ 1,499.00, which we tested for a few weeks before writing this review. This is perhaps the closest competitor of the MacBook Pro. In terms of design and market positioning, it is the Dell XPS 15, and we looked at the laptop almost a year ago. The XPS 15 is still available with a starting price of only $ 999, which is much lower than the asking price of $ 2,399 for the MacBook Pro 15-Inch that Apple sent us for review. $ 2,399 is also the starting price of Apple's new 15-incher, although at this price you get a more powerful machine than the $ 999 base model Dell laptop equipped with the Core i3. Apple's 15-inch Pro model is equipped with a Core i7-6700 CPU, 16GB of memory, and a very fast 256GB PCI Express solid-state boot drive.

No other laptop, of course (except for some higher-end configurations of the Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch), sports Apple's new 2016 laptop definition features: smooth, deformed OLED touch bar, replacement of physical function keys on the new keyboard Row. Whether the touch bar is an important complement to your workflow depends to a large extent on your actions and input methods. But before we dive into the Touch Bar, let's take a look at the rest of the design of the new MacBook Pro. Because of quite a few changes, not all (arguably) are the best.

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