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How to exercise healthier in winter?

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[How to exercise healthier in winter? ] Today is the winter solstice solar terms. The cold weather in winter will reduce the elasticity and stretchability of human muscles, tendons and ligaments, and the viscosity of muscles will increase accordingly, which will cause the body to become inflexible and stretchable. Winter exercise should follow these principles: 1. Add and remove clothes in time according to the changes in the cold outdoors. Except for frequent rubbing and rubbing of exposed hands, face, nose, ears and other parts to promote local blood circulation, corresponding measures should be taken. Protective measures, such as wearing gloves and earmuffs. 2. Winter temperature is low, so wear thick clothes before exercise, and remove outer clothing after warming up; clothing should be thin during exercise, keep body temperature and not hinder movement, relatively thin and well-ventilated clothes are A better choice; put on your jacket as soon as possible after exercise and return to the room. Do not blow cold wind, wipe off sweat and change clothes in time to prevent cold and heat from causing heat loss and cold. 3. Make sure that you have adequate preparations and that your limbs, chest, back, abdomen, waist, and ankles are fully moved. The method is mainly to do exercises or jogging, until the blood circulation of the whole body is improved, and the various parts and systems of the body reach the state of excitement and tension. The intensity of warming up is appropriate to make the body heat and sweat slightly. 4. Do not breathe through your mouth when exercising. There is a lot of nose hair in the nose, which can filter the air and protect the trachea and lungs from dust and germs. In addition, the temperature in winter is low, and the nasal mucosa reduces the irritation of the respiratory tract by the cold air to a certain extent. (Source: Beijing Rehabilitation Hospital)

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