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Ningde Teachers College received the on-site inspection of the second-level certification of the teacher's specialty in the Ministry of Education

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On-site inspection of Ningde Teachers College of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics received the second-level certification of the teacher education major of the Ministry of Education

From December 16th to 19th, a six-member expert group headed by Zhuang Huiming, a certified professional in normal universities of the Ministry of Education and professor of East China Normal University, was commissioned by the Fujian Educational Evaluation and Research Center. The second-level certification of mathematics majors is conducted on-site examination. The party committee secretary Xia Liangyu, the principal Wei Yuanzhu, the vice president Xie Xiangdong, the vice president Yan Guizhen, the deputy director of the Provincial Educational Research and Evaluation Center Fan Jing, the heads of related departments, and the heads of the party and government departments of the secondary colleges attended relevant meetings and activities.

On the morning of the 17th, a certification meeting was held. Zhuang Huiming spoke about the purpose, tasks and priorities of the inspection work, emphasizing that schools must deeply understand the significance of developing professional certification for teachers, follow the work concept of "student center, problem-oriented, continuous improvement", and use professional evidence and expert verification methods. From the five dimensions of "adaptation, achievement, support, effectiveness, and satisfaction" of talent training, we search for problems in the training of professional talents, and put forward feasible opinions and suggestions for improving the quality of talent training.

Wei Yuanzhu introduced the overall situation of the reform and development of teacher education in schools from the five dimensions of "adaptability of social needs, achievement of training results, support of teachers and teaching resources, effectiveness of quality assurance system operation, and satisfaction of talent training". , Said that the school will fully support and cooperate with the examination of the expert group, and hope that the expert group will take the pulse seriously and help the school to further clarify the future efforts.

At the meeting, the expert group asked questions and evidence-based questions about the training of normal students at the school level and related functional departments of the school.

On the morning of the 19th, a feedback meeting on certification was held. Zhuang Huiming, on behalf of the expert group, gave feedback on the overall situation of the second-level certification examination of mathematics and applied mathematics, and members of the expert group also feedback the examination opinions and suggestions one by one. Wei Yuanzhu made a statement on behalf of the school and sincerely thanked the expert group for their hard work. They said that the next step will be to strictly follow the expert group's feedback, adhere to the problem-oriented, carefully implement the rectification, and implement the "student center, output-oriented, continuous improvement" The concept of certification is truly implemented in all aspects of talent training, and continues to improve the quality and level of schooling of normal majors.

Fan Jing expressed her gratitude to the expert group and the staff who participated in the certification work, and pointed out that the school should start with accepting the professional certification of the teacher class, take the student as the center, and take the problem as the guide to promote the performance, overcome the shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, and make up for shortcomings. The Provincial Education Evaluation and Research Center will always uphold the "three services" purpose and work with the school to promote the development of the school's cause.

During the school entrance examination, the expert group conducted in-depth examinations on the majors of mathematics and applied mathematics through collective examinations of normal students and training of relevant places and equipment, information review, lectures, in-depth interviews, and interviews. The situation has been fully understood.

It is reported that, in 2019, Fujian Normal University, Fujian Normal University, Fujian Normal University and other 4 normal colleges participated in the second-level certification. (Correspondent: Zhuo Xiaoxia)

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