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The little ghost did "undercover" and Ren Xian praised his opponents. The game "Our Song" was too fun.

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Speaking of a music performance show, more or less singers will be disappointed with the results of the competition, and want to rely on outstanding singing and creative performances to win the audience's more love. However, the style of "Our Song" has no intense sense of contention, but always laughs and is very happy.

For example, my younger brother Fei Yuqing couldn't help turning on the "Rainbow Fart" mode every time he heard the good singing of his opponent, and even danced with the melody.

In the blind selection match, Zhou Huajian and Huang Kaiqin, in order to express their cooperation intention to Xiao Zhan, also threw each other off, teasing everyone on the scene.

Even if his partner was not successful, A Yunga, who was "aggrieved", was in Zhou Huajian's funny consolation that "first love" usually had no good results.

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