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The glory of the king: with four soldiers flashing and abandoning, Sun Ce is dizzy, few people understand

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As the saying goes, "Everything flashes." Among the many Summoner skills, the highest priority appears. You can start a group first when you enter, and you can escape to protect yourself, so it is the first choice for most heroes. But not all heroes are suitable for flashing. For some heroes, flashing is equivalent to obsolete, such as the following heroes.

Dizzy Sun Ce

Sun Ce is really a hero who can't hit the "flash" skill with eight poles. He has a displacement and a big move to return the domineering, so it is best to bring "dizziness". Because after the big hit, 1 skill is delayed, the other party may escape, and vertigo just fills this gap period and directly controls the death.


The puppet itself has multiple displacements, and its endurance is also very strong, so it is also a "flash" insulator. In addition, the new version of the dragon has increased the number of refreshes, and the "punishment" tadpole is not only suitable for invading the opponent's wild area, but also can bear the pressure of controlling the dragon and drive the rhythm of the entire team.

Purify Guan Yu

Guan Yu is a hero who runs faster in the canyon. He is very powerful under the running state and needs to open skills to enter the regiment, so it is more suitable to bring "purification", otherwise he will be charged too many times and can't get the damage he should. Some friends have seen flashing Guan Yu, and there are some flashy big moves, but few people can play such an effect, the flash of low scores is basically given.

Slay Yang Ye

It seems that Yang Yi's skill mechanism is a very complete hero, with displacement, control, beheading, etc., but there are great limitations. If one or two skills fail, the damage is not enough. Therefore, with "cut and kill", Yang Yan will be very fierce on the line and have better single killing ability. Basically, as long as the dog reaches the opposite C position, he will die.

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