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Encyclopedia of Daily Life (3)

101. Tofu can be used for beauty! After getting up every morning, put a piece of tofu on the palm of your hand and rub it on your face for a few minutes. Persist for a month, and the facial skin will become white and tender.

102. Pressure cooker cooking heat: 1 kg of beef with 2 kg of water, the meat can be cooked in 17 minutes; 1500 grams of rice with 1 kg of water, can be cooked in 9 minutes

103. Maintenance of the zipper: the zipper cannot be pulled too fast or too fast; it cannot be collapsed too tightly; keep dry to prevent contact with acid and alkali; the zipper is astringent, can be coated with wax, and pulled a few times, you can .

104. Choosing tea carefully: Look at the color and lustre, green tea is green and light with good quality; black tea brown with oily quality is good; if green tea contains more white pekoe, black tea contains more orange-yellow buds, all are high-grade tea.

105. Storage of sea cucumbers: Dry the sea cucumbers thoroughly, put them into double-layer food plastic bags, add a few heads of garlic, then tie the mouth of the bags tightly, and hang them at a high place without spoilage and insects.

106. Hang a bunch of scallions under the lamp, or use a gauze bag to pack a few onion sections, and all kinds of small insects will not fly. Mosquitoes are most afraid of orange-red light. Use orange-red cellophane or silk cloth to cover the light bulbs.

107. Put a few boxes of wind-refining oil, cool oil in the room or apply mint on the wall to repel mosquitoes. One or two tomatoes are planted indoors, and the smell of tomatoes will drive away mosquitoes.

108, alkaline water to fresh peach hair! Put a little edible alkali in the water, soak the fresh peach for 3 minutes, stir it a few times, the peach hair will automatically fall off, and it will be gone after washing a few times. Very convenient!

109. Black spots will appear after wearing the white vest for a long time. It is advisable to smash the fresh ginger 2 and put 1 kg of water in the pot to boil, then cool it and pour it into the laundry tub. Soak the white vest for ten minutes, and then rub it repeatedly. To eliminate_

110. Tips for cutting fatty meat: When cutting fatty meat, you can dip the fatty meat in cold water, then place it on the chopping board, and sprinkle some cold water while cutting. This saves effort, and the fat does not slide, and it is not easy to stick. chopping board

111. Smoking or using dark nail polish for a long time will make your nails discolored. You can wipe them with half a fresh lemon every day and wipe them for two weeks to remove the stains.

112. Tips for reducing foam of washing powder: Add a small amount of soap powder to the washing liquid, and the foam will be significantly reduced. If you use a washing machine to wash clothes, put a cup of vinegar in the washing tub, and the detergent foam will disappear.

113. When taking tetracycline drugs, it is not advisable to eat tofu, because tofu contains more calcium, and gypsum made with salt brine contains more magnesium. Tetracycline will react with calcium and magnesium to reduce the sterilization effect.

114. Ingredient ratio of meatballs and pine meat: When cooking meatballs or pine meat dishes, as long as it is seasoned according to the ratio of 50 grams of meat and 10 grams of starch, the pine meat can be crispy and the meatballs are tender and tender.

115, remove the wrinkles on the tie. A wrinkled tie can become flat and beautiful without ironing. Just roll the tie on a beer bottle and use it the next day to eliminate the original wrinkles.

116. Take an appropriate amount of brown sugar and put it in your mouth for ten minutes. Brush your teeth for 2-3 minutes and rinse your mouth. Brush your teeth with saline water (50 g each of salt and alkali) for 2 minutes. 2 times a day, soot can fall off after 1 week

117. Collect the rubber caps on the waste medicine bottle, and according to the crisscross position, nail the rows of rows on a rectangular wooden board (the nails must be nailed to the recess of the lid) to become a very practical washboard.

118. Make clothes smell fragrant: Do not throw away used perfume bottles, lotion bottles, etc. Open their covers and put them in the trunk or closet, which will make clothes smell fragrant.

119. When the bacon is left for a long time, it will have a spicy taste. When cooking the bacon, put a white radish and then cook it. The spicy taste can be removed. If the bacon only has a strange smell on the surface, it can be washed with water and a small amount of vinegar.

120. The watch accidentally enters the water. A granular substance called silica gel can be placed in a closed container with the watch. After taking out for a few hours, the water in the watch can disappear. Silicone can be used repeatedly.

121. When rolling noodles, if you cannot find a rolling pin for a while, you can use an empty glass bottle instead. Roll the noodles in a bottle filled with hot water to soften the hard noodles.

122. Tips for identifying a mobile phone: The number of the genuine mobile phone body, the number of the outer packaging, and the number called from the mobile phone are the same. Under the banknote detector, the word CMII is displayed in the lower right corner of the network access permit label.

123. After being bitten by a mosquito, put the thermos lid (taken from a thermos with a water temperature of about 90 degrees) on the affected area and rub it for 2-3 seconds, then pick it up for 2-3 consecutive times, and the itching will disappear.

124. Putting the bananas to be stored in the refrigerator can keep the bananas fresh for a long time. Even if the outer skin is discolored, the inside is still fresh as ever.

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125. Use of 84 disinfectant: When washing, white cotton fabric is easy to be dyed by other clothes. You can soak the dyed clothes into the diluted 84 disinfectant to make use of its decolorization and restore the original appearance of your clothes

126. Mopping the floor with a mop is very heavy, and it is easy to have back pain and back pain. The ground also takes a long time to dry. Use an old towel as a rag to clean the floor, it will dry quickly and save time.

127. Put the walnuts in the pot and steam for 10 minutes. Take them out and put them in cold water. Then you can take out the whole walnuts.

128. Clean walls with waste bottles. Pin a few small bottle caps on a small wooden board to make a small iron brush, which can be used to scrape off the paper attached to the wall and the dirt on the soles of shoes. It is very versatile.

129. When you are very thirsty and there is no cold water in your home, you can soak a cup filled with hot water in cold water, and then sprinkle a handful of salt in the cold water to speed up the cooling of the boiling water.

130. When writing a pen character, if you make a typo, wipe a bit of toothpaste and wipe it clean. When the ball-point pen core is not fluent in writing, insert the nib into the filter of the cigarette and turn it around.

131. If you only have warm boiled water and want to drink strong fragrant tea, you can put a little white or brown sugar in the warm boiled water, stir and dissolve, and then put the tea leaves. After 5 minutes, you can get your wish.

132. Fix the waste and useless rubber cover on the back of the door with double-sided tape, which can prevent the door from colliding with the wall when it is opened and closed, and can protect the door.

133. Soak the watermelon in 15% salt water for 3-5 days, remove the scallion and dry it, and then coat it with the juice squeezed out from the watermelon vine leaves, seal it in a polyethylene bag, and put it in the cellar to make the watermelon Freshness for half a year

134. Tips for identifying gemstones: Put the gemstone on the lining and let the sun shine, and the light that penetrates the gemstone shows the appearance of Venus on the lining as the real thing. If it is a fake gem, a black shadow will appear on the lining

135. How to burn fish without breaking it? 1 Before cooking the fish, fry the fish in a pan. If the fish is burnt, it should be wrapped in a thin layer of starch and fried. When frying, pay attention to the oil temperature should not be high or low.

136 How to burn fish without breaking it? 2 When the fish is burned, the soup should be just before the fish. After the soup is boiled, use a small fire to simmer until the soup is thick and fragrant. Turn the fish less when it is cooked. Shake.

137. Chicken and celery with the same food will hurt the vitality; beef and chestnuts with the same food will vomit; rabbits with celery with the food will hurt hair; crab and persimmon with the same food will poison; eye and onion with honey will hurt the eyes.

138. Rescue tips for poking your fingers: Use a cold wet cloth to cool the affected area, use thick paper as a splint to fix the injured finger, and then wrap it with a bandage. Ordinary sprain or dislocation, the affected area can be restored and restored to its original state by itself

139, flour can wash grapes! Put the grapes in the water basin, add an appropriate amount of flour, gently stir a few times with your hands, and then pour out the turbid flour water and rinse with water.

140. During the journey of the car and boat, put fresh ginger slices under the nostrils and smell them at any time, so that the spicy flavor is inhaled into the nose, which can prevent motion sickness; paste the ginger slices on the navel and fix them with wound dampness analgesic cream, which has the same effect.

141. The method of handling foot foam during the trip: first hot water the foot for ten minutes, pierce the foot foam with a sterile needle, let the liquid in the foam flow out and drain, and then disinfect the foot foam. Avoid cutting the foam skin to prevent infection

142, prevention and treatment of calf cramps during the trip: the foot method: take a sitting position, with one hand to force the cramp muscles of the cramps, grasp the toes with one hand to pull the foot backwards, make the foot dorsal flexion, and then move it, you can ease.

143. When encountering thunderstorms during the journey, do not hide under megaliths, cliffs, and cave entrances. Electric currents will generate arcs when they pass through these places, hurting the rain shelter. If the cave is deep, you can hide in it

144. Moistened and softened biscuits can be restored to their original shape by refrigerating them for a few days. When cutting vegetables such as onions, you can peel them and put them in the freezer of the refrigerator for several hours and then cut them.

145. The grape skin used for winemaking is rich in antioxidants. Drinking red wine in moderation often can increase good cholesterol and reduce vascular sclerosis.

146. The method of adding porridge to add alkali is unscientific. Although the porridge made by adding alkali appears sticky and smooth, most of the important nutrients in the porridge are destroyed. Therefore, it is not appropriate to add alkali to porridge. .

147. Tips for treating rheumatism: Ginger peel is dried and ground, and stored in a bottle for future use. Take half a teaspoon of red ginger (low-alcohol) at the end of ginger peel to relieve symptoms.

148. Eating mutton helps to keep fit, and mutton is an ideal source of carnitine. This substance similar to amino acids can help cells "burn out" the body's excess fat.

149. Stir-fried vegetables: When frying vegetables such as cucumbers and lettuce, wash and cut them, mix with a little salt, marinate them for a few minutes, and then fry after controlling the moisture to keep them crisp and fresh.

150, rescue tips for fishbone stuck throat: swallow orange peel. When the fishbone is stuck in the throat, you can peel the orange peel, the piece is narrower, and it is swallowed slowly to dissolve the fishbone.

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常吃兔肉,可强身健体,但不会增肥,是肥胖患者理想的肉食,女性食之,可保持身体苗条,因此,国外妇女将兔肉称为“美容肉”;而常吃免肉,有祛病强身作用,因此,有人将兔肉称为“保健肉”) (Rabbit is rich in nutrition, with high protein, low fat, and low cholesterol . It can be used to strengthen the body but not to gain weight. It is an ideal meat for obese patients. It can be eaten by women and can maintain a slim body. Therefore, rabbit meat is called "beauty meat" by foreign women, and eating meat free often has the effect of curing diseases and strengthening the body. Therefore, some people call rabbit meat "healthy meat")

151, treatment tips for fishbone stuck throat 2: soften with vitamin C. Small fishbone stuck throat, it is advisable to take one piece of vitamin C, swallow it slowly, and after a few minutes, the fishbone will soften and clear.

152. Those with rough skin can mix the vinegar and glycerin at a ratio of 5: 1 and apply it on the face. Persistence daily will make the skin thin and tender. Adding a tablespoon of vinegar to your face wash will also have a beauty effect.

153. Tips for drying clothes 1: It is best not to expose your clothes to the sun. You should dry them in a cool and ventilated place until they are half dry, and then dry them in weak sunlight to protect the color and life of the clothes.

154. Tips for drying clothes 2: Do not twist the clothes too dry. Dry them with water and flatten the placket, collar, sleeves, etc. of the clothes by hand. This will keep the clothes dry and not wrinkled.

155, tomatoes, cucumbers should not be stored in the refrigerator. When tomatoes and cucumbers are stored in the refrigerator, their skins will become water-soaked, which will cause them to lose their peculiar flavor, or even deteriorate and become inedible.

156. Eating apples often can prevent oral diseases, because the fiber of apples can remove the dirt in the gums. However, one thing to note is that you should rinse your mouth after eating apples to prevent dental caries.

157. First aid for gas poisoning: quickly open the doors and windows to allow air circulation; transfer the poisoned person to a ventilated place as much as possible, while maintaining warmth; ensure that the airway is unobstructed, give oxygen in time, and do artificial respiration if necessary.

158, fried onions should put flour and wine. Chopped onion dipped in dry flour, fried golden color, crisp and tender texture, delicious. When frying onions, add a little white wine, it is not easy to burn.

159 、 Clearly removing soft thorns: When soft thorns of plants such as cactus are pierced into the skin, you can use the wound dampness analgesic paste to stick the thorns, bake them under the bulb for a while, and then quickly remove them, and the thorns will be pulled Out

160. Know if sesame oil is adulterated 1: Look at the color. The color is light red or yellow with red is genuine. Machine pressed sesame oil is lighter than small ground sesame oil. If the color is black red or dark yellow, it may be mixed with cottonseed oil or rapeseed oil

161. The magic method of preventing porridge from overflowing: When porridge is pored out, it will overflow if you don't pay attention. If you add 5-6 drops of vegetable or animal oil to the pot, you can prevent the porridge from overflowing.

162. The smell of newspaper ink can repel insects. Put a layer of newspaper on the bottom of the box where you put your clothes, and then put in the clothes (preferably, make the dark clothes stick to the newspaper). This will protect the clothes from insect bites. The newspapers are changed every six months.

163. Know if the sesame oil is adulterated 2: See the change. The sesame oil is clear and transparent under sunlight. If it is mixed with cold water, it is opaque under light. If too much water is added, the sesame oil will delaminate and easily precipitate and deteriorate.

164. After the yellow spots appear on the old stamps, put a little salt in hot milk to dissolve them, then soak the stamps in the cooled milk for 2 hours, then take them out, rinse with water, and dry them. The yellow spots can be eliminated.

165. White radish beauty: Cut and mash white radish to get juice, add an appropriate amount of water to wash your face, and stick to it for a long time to make the skin fresh and smooth.

166. Boiled sugar juice: Adding alum of the same size as the rice grains during the cooking of the sugar juice used for braised vegetables can extend the setting time and make the sugar yarn longer.

167. Deteriorated glucose powder is a good fertilizer. Deteriorated glucose powder is mashed and sprinkled around the soil of the flowerpot. After three days, the yellow leaves will turn green and flourish. It is suitable for spider plant, thorn tree, evergreen, monstera and so on.

168. Electric shaver can repair clothes and pants. Wool sweaters, sweaters, etc. can get a lot of small balls after wearing them for a long time, which is very unattractive. You can use an electric shaver to shave the clothes like a beard, and the clothes will be as smooth as new.

169, Qiaozhi bronchitis: mix honey and white wine (how much depends on the size of their own wine), burn with heat, drink after cooling, 1-2 times a day, insist on drinking for a month, you can see results.

170. Anti-fading two methods: add appropriate amount of vinegar when washing dark cotton fabrics, which can prevent its fading, and its luster is as new; when a newly-purchased colored flower cloth is put into water for the first time, add salt for 10 minutes to prevent the fabric from fading.

171. When there is bleeding from a wound on the body, you can immediately sprinkle some sugar on the wound, because white sugar can reduce the local moisture in the wound, inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, and help the wound to heal.

172. After eating garlic, drink a glass of milk to eliminate the odor left by garlic in the mouth. When there is a musty smell in drawers, closets, and suitcases, put a piece of soap in it to remove it.

173. Choosing down jackets 1: It is better to choose the ones with more down content. You can put the down jacket on the case and pat it with your hands. The higher the fluffy degree, the better the down quality and the more down content.

174. Choosing down jackets 2: The surface of cotton fleece has a layer of wax, which has strong heat resistance but poor abrasion resistance. Fleece-resistant nylon fabrics are resistant to abrasion and wear, but they are afraid of being hot and out of the sun. It is better to buy down jackets made of polyester-cotton fabrics.

175. When the pearl is not worn, first wash it with mild alkaline soapy water, rinse it thoroughly with water, then wipe it with a clean soft cloth, dry it in the shade, put it in a velvet box, and store it in a place protected from the sun and moisture

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176. Add salt to the dough! How well the noodles are fermented is the key to making various staple foods such as steamed buns and buns. When baking noodles, you can add a small amount of salt, so that the noodles emit a lot of bubbles, and the steamed staple food is soft and delicious.

177. According to the US National Pharmacopoeia, once the medicine is opened, the cotton and desiccant attached to the can must be discarded immediately, otherwise they will become a source of pollution in the medicine can due to adsorption of moisture!

178. When applying makeup, first put the slightly wet makeup sponge in the refrigerator, and then apply the cold sponge to the foundation skin after a few minutes. You will feel the skin is particularly refreshing and the makeup will be especially fresh.

179, honey can clean teeth. Honey contains lysozyme-like ingredients, has strong bactericidal and bacteriostatic capabilities against various pathogenic bacteria. Regular consumption of honey and attention to oral hygiene can prevent the occurrence of dental caries.

180. Put a small amount of dried kelp in the grain to absorb the moisture in the grain to prevent its mold and insects. The kelp will become wet after use and can be put in again after drying. It still retains moisture absorption and sterilization ability, and does not affect food consumption.

181. When the TV or computer catches fire, first unplug it or turn off the main switch, and then use a blanket to put out the flame. Do not use water or a fire extinguisher to fight the fire, as there may still be residual power in the body, which may cause electric shock.

182. Tips for drawing eyeliner: To draw a detailed eyeliner, you can first fix your elbows on the table, then place a small mirror flat, and let your eyes look down at the mirror, you can draw the eyeliner safely.

183. Preservation of pastry: When preserving pastry, you can add 1 piece of fresh bread to the sealed container where the pastry is stored. When the bread becomes hard, replace it with a fresh one in time so that the pastry can be kept fresh for a longer time.

184. After using the fluorescent tube for several months, the two ends will turn black and the illumination will decrease. At this time, the tube is removed and the contact poles on both ends are reversed, the life of the fluorescent tube can be doubled, and the illumination can be improved.

185. Ballpoint pen oil is difficult to wash off when you get it. You can use alcohol cotton balls (also white wine) on the contaminated hands. The ballpoint pen oil is quickly absorbed and can be washed by washing with water.

186. Precautions for using electricity in the bathroom: 12 volt low-voltage power supply and moisture-proof lighting should be used. Any electrical equipment inside must have a sufficient height (more than 2 meters) to ensure that no one will accidentally touch the power supply.

187, to prevent the sweater from shrinking, the temperature of the water should not exceed 30 degrees when washing, washing with a neutral soap or detergent, adding a little vinegar when the last pass of water, can effectively maintain the elasticity and gloss of the sweater

188. Identify high-quality soy sauce: shake the bottle to see the speed of flowing down the bottle wall, the high-quality soy sauce has a high concentration and flows slowly; there is no sediment at the bottom of the bottle; the color is reddish brown, tan, shiny and black.

189. After the rice is done, pick some soft and warm knead balls, put them on the face, and knead until the rice balls become greasy and stained, then wash them off with water, so that the skin can breathe and reduce wrinkles.

190, pearl maintenance: it should not be exposed to the sun, and less contact with perfumes, oils and chemicals such as strong acids and alkalis, to prevent pearls from losing light and fading. Wipe with a clean, soft cloth when wearing

191. Identify high-quality soy sauce: You can smell the strong fragrance without touching the mouth of the bottle after opening, and the low-quality soy sauce has less aroma or odor; the high-quality soy sauce tastes delicious, salty and sweet, mellow and soft, and has a long taste.

192, living tips: first aid for patients with angina pectoris: keep the patient in the most comfortable sitting position, head up; if you carry medicine with you, give the patient medication; loosen tight clothes to make the breathing unobstructed; comfort the patient.

193. Cut one piece of garlic into thin slices and put it in a sealed container with 300 ml of cold water for 6-7 hours, then add 30 grams of crushed rock candy, and gargle every morning and evening to prevent colds.

194. When purchasing thermal underwear, you should choose more than 40 pieces of cotton on the inside and outside surface. Shake with your hand without rustling, feel soft and free of foreign body, and have good resilience. It is best to choose a well-known brand.

195. Turning off the fire as soon as the tap water is boiled is not good for your health. After boiling for 3-5 minutes, it will turn off. The boiling water contains nitrite and chloride, which are at the lowest levels, which is most suitable for drinking.

196. When the electric blanket catches fire, unplug it first, then pour water on the bed to extinguish the fire. Do not lift off the sheets, otherwise air will enter and the smoking bed will easily catch fire. If the situation is serious, immediately notify the fire brigade.

197. Cooked beef: Coat the beef with a layer of mustard the night before and wash it with a little vinegar the next day; or wrap a handful of tea with gauze and cook with the beef, which will make the beef easy to cook and rot.

198, remove the strange smell in the room: When the indoor ventilation is not smooth, there is often a strange smell of carbonic acid, you can drop a few drops of perfume or toilet water on the light bulb, and slowly emit a scent after treatment, the room will smell fresh.

199. Tomatoes can cure diseases, and eating 1-2 fresh and ripe tomatoes every day can prevent cancer. Eating 1-2 fresh and ripe tomatoes every morning and dipping them with sugar can lower blood pressure. Mixing half a cup of tomato juice and watermelon juice can reduce fever.

200. Experts recommend eating red peppers, carrots, tomatoes, onions, hawthorn and other red-colored foods in winter to prevent colds. Drinking a cup of yogurt and a bowl of chicken soup every day can also prevent colds.

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