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Chu Xueqi is on campus

Listen to the snow fall, watch Xuefei, match your heart with the snow, let your heart fly on the campus of Liao University

Beauty on campus

Overnight, the snow was full, and the campus was full of romantic feelings. Overnight, it was white and the campus was full of purity.

Step on your brisk footsteps in the chat, and listen to the harmonious movements on campus. Open your arms and dance a dance step of your own. Then pile a snowman with innocence, set her bright eyes, and call her dreams at night, sometimes group. A snowball, a snowball fight happily. Let the snowflakes hit your face and turn into pure water. The plot of falling in love with snow has made me forget for a long time.

(1) Chatting on the moon

Sealed magic pot

Waking up early in the morning, looking out at the window, white and unconscious. 腕凝霜雪”,远远望去,正如毛泽东诗所云“北国风光,千里冰封,万里雪飘”。 I ca n’t help but chant “Fog, sky and sky and water and mountains, up and down white, shadows on the lake, only a trace of the long dike, a little lake center pavilion”, I feel that talking about Daxuefeixue is more like “aside People look like moon, bright wrists condense frost and snow ", looking far away, just like Mao Zedong's poem says" Northern scenery, thousands of miles of ice, thousands of miles of snow drifting. " Seeing the same, the delicate snowflakes fell from the sky, caressed the ground, and put on a plain coat for Liaoning campus.

Listen to the snow fall, watch Xuefei, chanting poetry, unhappy!

(Two) one after another under the snow

Miller's house

Walking on the way to class, LiaoDa students were intoxicated in this picturesque campus. Look! Some classmates are taking pictures of this beautiful scene, recording beautiful and pure moments; others are walking hand in hand to chat on the campus of Liao University, witnessing pure friendship. Walking on the Taoli Bridge, this view is even more impressive. The lake is like a crouching dragon, guarding the campus of Liao University at all times; on the bridge, the nervous and brisk footsteps of the students are also a beautiful view of Liao University campus. I saw the white sky between the heavens and the earth, snowflakes falling from the sky, and the white tents were pulled up, and the earth immediately became silver-clad. I couldn't help but think of the poem "Suddenly like a spring night, thousands of trees Wanshu Pear Blossom "is so beautiful!

(3) Wet curtain falling into bead curtain

Walk into the classroom. Gaze out the window, snowflakes are flying outside the window, like thousands of butterflies rushed to the window glass, hit it playfully on the glass, and flew to the side. What a beautiful snowflake, what a beautiful campus. In this beautiful campus, we will study hard and be positive. Be a good campus Luxi, be a qualified chat guy!

Snow is beautiful; snow is pure; snow is selfless. Yeah, Chu Xue comes to the campus, let us listen to the sound of snow with our hearts, and feel the charm of snow with warmth!

  Class of 2016 Class 2 Li Lianhui

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